racently provides a single consolidated view of your racing performance: all of your results in one place.


We're based in Durban. If you're ever in the neighbourhood, please let us know: we'd love to head out for a run with you.


  1. Why isn't (insert favourite race name) listed?

    We plan to cover every race. But preparing these data takes time.

    If there's a particular race that you want us to list immediately (it's your marathon PB, isn't it?), contact us and we'll prioritise it.

  2. Olly Smith and Oliver Smith are the same guy. Why two records?

    Although we do our best to consolidate results for every athlete, sometimes it's not clear when two names refer to the same athlete. If we've missed something, please let us know and we'll merge those records.

  3. Why are there errors in the data?

    Data integrity is super important to us and we spend a lot of time on validation. If you spot and error, please let us know and we'll rectify it with maximum pace.

    You can contribute to the quality of the data by making sure that you fill out the race form legibly, accurately and completely. That'll mean that the data captured by the race will be more reliable to start with.

  4. How can I locate an athlete in the bubble plot?

    The table on the right of the bubble plot is reactive: you just need to hover the mouse pointer over an entry in the table and the corresponding bubble will be highlighted.

    You can either sort the table alphabetically or use the Search dialog to find the athlete you're interested in.

  5. Can I advertise on your site?

    Sure, we'd be happy to host your adverts, provided they're relevant.

    Contact us and we'll hook it up!