Angela Lardant Female

16races run
160.0kmtotal race distance
10.0kmlongest race

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16 races

Race History
2018-05-13Starling Plumbers10.0 km12398:301:25:01
2018-05-01Gaterite Challenge10.0 km11408:361:26:03
2018-04-15Durban City Marathon10.0 km8:401:26:42
2018-03-21Stella Royal10.0 km9:041:30:45
2018-01-21Kearsney Striders10.0 km9:321:35:16
2017-08-13Savages Challenge10.0 km7:16 1:12:44
2017-07-09Forest10.0 km8:031:20:33
2017-05-07Deloitte Challenge10.0 km9:301:34:57
2017-03-19Stella Royal10.0 km8:391:26:27
2017-02-26Maritzburg10.0 km8:231:23:47
2017-01-22Kearsney Striders10.0 km10:041:40:45
2016-12-04Stainbank Cup10.0 km9:241:33:55
2016-10-02Cooee Challenge10.0 km8:321:25:15
2016-08-14Savages Challenge10.0 km8:231:23:49
2016-07-10Forest10.0 km8:241:23:57
2016-05-01Deloitte Challenge10.0 km8:131:22:12
Best Times This Season
10.0 km2018-05-138:301:25:01
Best Times Overall
10.0 km2017-08-137:161:12:44

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License History
2018Riverside Harriers4166 5
2017Riverside Harriers4166 5
2017Riverside Harriers8795 1
2016Riverside Harriers8795 5